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Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins is a television and radio presenter, comedian and actor.

Justin started in stand-up, then made his way onto the telly box presenting The Justin Lee Collins Show on XFM which soon led to co-presenting the hugely successful The Friday Night Project with Alan Carr on Channel 4.

Presenting TV shows including Convention Crasher, Bring Back (Star Trek, Star Wars and Fame amongst others ) followed by Justin Lee Collins: (Good Times; Weird & Wonderful in Las Vegas and Turning Japanese) and Steven Seagal vs Justin Lee Collins.

Justin has recently returned to radio with weekly shows on FUBAR and XS Manchester and is now making his name in several films, including The Hatching.

A lifelong Bristol City fan, JLC's own playing days are over as a result of a 22-0 drubbing when he played for Argyle Morley United Reform Church Boys Brigade! His favourite player when he was a boy was Kevin Keegan and Justin was devestated when he came off his bike in Superstars.

TV has missed JLC and FANTV are lucky to have him on the Lime Green Sofas.

Toby Tarrant

Toby Tarrant

Toby Tarrant is the one to watch for 2016 and beyond.

Currently in charge of the early morning slot on Capital FM, Toby has been charming the pants off the nation for 2 years now and has his sights set on making this year an even bigger success.

Thanks to his father and grandfather, Toby has been a big fan of football as far back as he can remember. THAT Michael Owen goal against Argentina back in 1998 sticks out most in his memory, as Owen became his first ever hero aged six years old (Toby not Owen). This kick-started a long love affair with both the beautiful game and Liverpool FC.

When he's not watching, listening to or playing footy, Toby can be found chatting on the radio to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Toby's football knowledge and irreverent charm is perfect for FANTV - football Tiswas if you like.

Kiri Bloore

Kiri Bloore

Kiri is an English television presenter and broadcast journalist producing and co-hosting Jimmy Bullard and Jason Cundy Kicks Off, on London Live and working for Arsenal TV, One World Sports and Indosat.

In the sports industry, Kiri has interviewed numerous celebrities such as Amir Khan, James Degale, Perri Shakes Drayton, Max Whitlock and Gail Emms, as well as a whole host of Olympic athletes.

Kiri is currently working as a pit-lane reporter for the GT Cup series in the UK and is a trusted name in the motorsport industry and had established a name in the fashion and entertainment industries. She has most recently appeared on E! The Royals, and was also lead reporter for TLC at the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kiri is no stranger to the red carpet and was celebrity reporter for Fashion One TV show ‘Front Row’ and FANTV is delighted that she will soon be no stranger to the Lime Green Sofas.

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