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FanTV Match 1

Your Team. Join In. Get Heard.

FANTV is the country's first LIVE TV channel dedicated to football fans. On 4 nights a week (7.30pm to 9.30pm Tuesday to Friday) it is the only place on TV to celebrate football from a supporter's viewpoint with lively chat, terrace banter and original features that you won't find anywhere else

But, the backbone of this exciting new show is YOU, discussing your beloved club and the beautiful game; creating controversy and speaking from the heart.

So appear on the show, skype in for a chat, tweet your opinion, email questions and like, share and everything else you do on social media. Don't just be a voice in the crowd... GET YOURSELF HEARD!

Come on the show
Come on the show
FanTV Match 1

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Ever leave the game early to then hear of the greatest comeback ever? Register with FANTV and you'll never miss a thing.

Let us know the team you love (and hate as there's nothing wrong with a bit of 'friendly' footy bants) and we'll email when you're on.

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